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The History of Langunnett Cottage and the Grounds


…Barclay House was originally built in the 1890s, as a Victorian family Villa.  The owner was believed to have been a prosperous merchant trader of Italian and French heritage.  He specified that the house be built of concrete construction, being the first house in Cornwall to be built this way. Barclay House was carved into the hillside overlooking the East Looe river valley to gain the maximum scenery from its location.

Barclay House’s most illustrious owner was F. Lyde Caunter, who was a musician. He lived in the house until 1955. Caunter was a passionate golfer and his house guest, Henry Vardon, was a master golfer and a British Open Champion in the early 1900s. Henry designed Looe Golf Course, during his stay.

Barclay House was later opened as a Hotel with eight Cottages being added in the early 2000s. The vision was to build the Cottages with individual style, quite unlike any other holiday Cottages in Cornwall.  Since then, Barclay House has changed ownership and the Cottages were subsequently sold off. The House is now known as The Commonwood Manor.

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